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Oct 1

Top 5 Stories - September 30, 2014

(1) Raw TV ratings for Monday’s show. Raw’s Twitter TV rating hits year-low.

(2) WWE issues apology on Russian flag angle on Raw.

(3) WWE is heavily pursuing lapsed Network subscribers at quarter-end.

(4) Jim Ross wants to call New Japan’s Tokyo Dome Show on January 4.

(5) Deceased NFL player’s murder/suicide with CTE present linked to Chris Benoit tragedy.


Top 5 Stories - September 29, 2014

(1) Raw TV news & notes on Hulk Hogan returning to Raw, Paul Heyman, IC Title match result, more.

(2) Stephanie McMahon addressed C.M. Punk’s exit from WWE in an interview on Chicago TV prior to Raw. (Watch & Read)

(3) Friday’s WWE Smackdown continued a September free-fall, registering the lowest TV rating since the Fourth of July. (Read the Report)

(4) TNA announced several new matches for their Bound for Glory PPV. (Read the Line-up)

(5) WWE launched their annual breast cancer awareness initiative on Monday.


Top 5 Stories - September 27 & 28, 2014 Weekend

(1) WWE heads to Chicago for Raw as WWE looks to rebound from a year-low TV rating last week. (Read the Preview)

(2) Kurt Angle revealed more details on his plans for 2015 after signing a new contract. (Read the Report)

(3) Beyond Wrestling’s show Sunday in Rhode Island was cancelled after the venue was the site of a reported shooting the night before, causing the venue’s license to be suspended. (Read the Report)

(4) WWE’s weekend house show results.

(5) SPOILERS from Ring of Honor’s weekend TV taping.


Top 5 Stories - September 26, 2014

(1) WWE released preliminary PPV buy figures for Summerslam. (Read the Report)

(2) Dolph Ziggler defended the Intercontinental Title on Friday’s Smackdown against an opponent not named The Miz. (Read the Results)

(3) TNA announced the first two matches for the Bound for Glory PPV in October. (Read the Report)

(4) John Cena & Dean Ambrose headlined Friday’s WWE house show in the New Jersey/New York market. (Read the Results)

(5) NOAH announced U.S. wrestlers and New Japan wrestlers for their annual Global League tournament. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - September 25, 2014

(1) Jake Roberts received good news on his health Thursday, but he still has “brain issues” to be investigated. (Read the Report)

(2) Prince Devitt debuted as Finn Balor at Thursday night’s WWE NXT TV tapings. (Read the Report) (SPOILER Results)

(3) Thursday’s TNA Impact TV rating regressed to a 0.81 rating following last week’s “No Surrender” special. (Read the Ratings Report)

(4) Dave Bautista has joined the cast of a Robert De Niro movie.

(5) TNA star Magnus & former TNA Knockout Mickie James gave birth to a son.


Top 5 Stories - September 24, 2014

(1) Former pro wrestler & pro football player “Don The Bruiser” died at age 80. (Read the Report)

(2) Austin Aries won a one-night tournament on Thursday’s Impact to receive a future title shot in TNA. (Read the Results)

(3) WWE switched up the main event for this weekend’s top house show.

(4) Wrestle-1 announced an updated TNA roster for the Bound for Glory PPV on October 12.

(5) The cost to sit front row at WWE’s TLC PPV in December.


Top 5 Stories - September 23, 2014

(1) Monday’s WWE Raw fell to a year-low TV rating the night after the Night of Champions PPV. (Read the Report)

(2) Matches taped Tuesday for this week’s WWE Smackdown episode.

(3) TNA is presenting a one-night tournament on Wednesday’s TNA Impact episode.

(4) Ring of Honor is returning to Atlanta in 2015.

(5) Chikara’s “King of Trios” tournament has been released on-demand.


Top 5 Stories - September 22, 2014

(1) Raw news & notes - Dean Ambrose replaced Roman Reigns in his first night back on Raw; WWE World champion Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman did not appear on Raw. (Read the Report)

(2) Dolph Ziggler re-captured the Intercontinental Title from The Miz on Raw.

(3) Ring of Honor announced a big WrestleMania Weekend event in California.

(4) 2K Sports released the “WWE 2K15” video game trailer featuring Sting.

(5) The new “Lucha Underground” series on El Rey Network will premiere October 29.


Top 5 Stories - September 20 & 21, 2014 Weekend

(1) Brock Lesnar retained the WWE World Title via DQ loss in the Night of Champions PPV main event against John Cena. (Read the Result)

(2) Also at Night of Champions, three titles changed hands and Dean Ambrose returned to TV to resume a feud with Seth Rollins. (Read the Results)

(3) Roman Reigns underwent emergency surgery this weekend, according to WWE, taking Reigns off the PPV and potentially out of action for “several months.” (Read the Reports)

(4) Michael Moody, the son of Paul Bearer (Bill Moody), reportedly died this weekend. WWE issued a statement confirming his death. (Read the Report)

(5) In the main event of New Japan’s  PPV, Shinsuke Nakamura re-captured the IWGP Intercontinental Title. Also on the card were A.J. Styles, the Young Bucks, and more big stars from Japan and the U.S. (Read the PPV Results)


Top 5 Stories - September 19, 2014

(1) WWE is teasing an event/announcement on September 22, the night after the Night of Champions PPV.

(2) WWE wrapped up Night of Champions hype on Smackdown.

(3) TNA Impact quarter-hour ratings for the “No Surrender” special.

(4) The Miz commented on a potential NXT call-up rumored to be paired with Miz.

(5) DGUSA is taking the EVOLVE brand to China this year.


Top 5 Stories - September 18, 2014

(1) Big TNA Impact SPOILER from Thursday’s Impact TV taping in Bethlehem, Pa.

(2) Japanese star KENTA (Hideo Itami) made his WWE in-ring debut on Thursday’s NXT episode. (Read the Report)

(3) Monday’s WWE Raw fell to a 2.88 rating, the lowest rating in nearly four months. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(4) Wednesday’s TNA Impact “No Surrender” special scored a 0.88 rating, up from a 0.83 rating, but even with a 0.88 rating two weeks ago. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(5) ROH announced a big anniversary show for March 2015 in Las Vegas.


Top 5 Stories - September 17, 2014

(1) TNA announced a TNA Title re-match between Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode at Thursday’s Impact TV taping and the end of the Tag Title series at Friday’s TV taping. (Read the Report)

(2) WWE announced a big international TV deal with Fox Sports.

(3) How WWE is handling the end of WWE Magazine subscriptions.

(4) WWE is using C.M. Punk’s name to promote their upcoming “Queens of the Ring” movie release. (Read the Report)

(5) Jim Ross says his MMA broadcasting debut next month is a one-time gig. For now. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - September 16, 2014

(1) WWE Raw TV viewership fell to a four-month low, with the third hour viewership dragging down the show after “halftime.” (Read the Report)

(2) TNA president Dixie Carter talked in-depth about TNA’s current & future business prospects to ESPN off-shoot (Read the Report)

(3) Week 2 of “Total Divas” fell 20 percent in TV viewership.

(4) Ring of Honor announced “Glory By Honor” in November in Texas.

(5) New release dates for “WWE 2K15” video game on next-gen consoles.


Top 5 Stories - September 15, 2014

(1) WWE World Hvt. champion Brock Lesnar returned to Raw TV for the final Night of Champions PPV hype opposite John Cena. (Read the Results)

(2) WWE announced the return of Christian’s “Peep Show” for the PPV pre-show on Sunday. (Read the PPV Line-up)

(3) Ric Flair recently underwent surgery, requiring him to cancel a WWE booking this week.

(4) Smackdown’s TV rating fell below 2.0 last Friday.

(5) Big updates on Chikara’s “King of Trios” tournament this weekend.


Top 5 Stories - September 13/14, 2014 Weekend

(1) John Cena returned to his home market on this weekend’s WWE house show tour, facing Kane in main events. (Read the Results)

(2) NXT roster members filled out both of WWE’s main roster house show tours. (Read the Results)

(3) KENTA (Hideo Itami) made his WWE in-ring debut at this weekend’s NXT TV taping in Florida. (Read the SPOILERS)

(4) Caleb Konley & Anthony Nese captured the DGUSA Tag Titles at Sunday’s EVOLVE 35 event in New York. (Read the Results)

(5) Former WWE star Alberto Del Rio returned to in-ring action for the AAA promotion in Mexico. (View Photo)