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Top 5 Stories - April 19 & 20, 2014 Weekend

(1) WWE completed its first-ever tour of Saudi Arabia on Saturday. Top star John Cena headlined all three shows while WWE World champion Daniel Bryan was on his honeymoon. (Read the Results)

(2) TNA toured the Carolinas without new TNA World champion Eric Young. The main events were centered on Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode. (Read the Results

(3) Ring of Honor taped the next set of TV episodes Saturday in Baltimore. (Read the SPOILER Results)

(4) Former NASCAR driver/TNA announcer Hermie Sadler confirmed to Newsday that he was on the Board of Directors for Jeff Jarrett’s new Global Force Wrestling promotion. (Read the Report)

(5) Weekend WWE Newswire Items.


Top 5 Stories - April 18, 2014

(1) WWE announced a big six-man tag match of The Shield vs. Evolution for the Extreme Rules PPV. (Read the Report)

(2) TNA announced a TNA Title main event of Eric Young vs. Magnus at the Sacrifice PPV. (Read the Report)

(3) Samoa Joe returned to in-ring action on this weekend’s TNA house show tour. (Read Saturday Results)

(4) ROH champion Adam Cole retained the ROH Title over Delirious in Ring of Honor’s first show following WrestleMania Weekend. (Read the Results)

(5) A.J. Styles and Matt Hardy wrestled in top matches on a 2CW Internet PPV Friday in New York. (Read the Results)


Top 5 Stories - April 17, 2014

(1) Ring of Honor announced a deal with traditional PPV carriers to begin offering live PPVs starting June 22. (Read the Report)

(2) New TNA World Hvt. champion Eric Young defended the TNA Title against Abyss in the main event of Thursday’s Impact. (Read the Report)

(3) TNA X Division champion Sanada defended the X Title against Christopher Daniels at a Wrestle-1 show in Japan. (Read the Report)

(4) WWE’s long-awaited “Legends House” reality show premiered on WWE Network. (Read the Review)

(5) Jeff Jarrett launched a web series documenting the creation of his new “Global Force Wrestling” promotion. (Watch the Video)


Top 5 Stories - April 16, 2014

(1) Ultimate Warrior’s widow, Dana, released a letter addressing Warrior’s final moments, the Raw tribute show, and Warrior’s Hall of Fame moment. (Read the Report)

(2) A script for Monday’s WWE Raw leaked online detailing Raw TV segments and current roster members. (Read the Script Report) (Read the Roster Report)

(3) WWE announced that Darren Young will miss 4-6 weeks with a knee injury. (Read the Report)

(4) A.J. Styles talked in-depth about leaving TNA, ROH needing to take the next step, debuting in New Japan, and more. (Read the Report)

(5) Eric Young begins his TNA Title reign Thursday night on Impact. (Read the TV Preview)


Top 5 Stories - April 15, 2014

(1) Monday’s Raw slid to a 3.26 rating following a year-high 3.70 rating last week after WM30. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(2) WWE released a domestic PPV buys figure for WrestleMania and claimed over 1.0 million households watched WM30 combined with Network subscriptions. (Read the Report)

(3) WWE announced a Divas Title match for the Extreme Rules PPV. TNA announced new matches for the Sacrifice PPV. (WWE Line-up) (TNA Line-up)

(4) Sting made his first WWE TV appearance during the Ultimate Warrior special airing on WWE Network. (Read the Report)

(5) Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling promotion announced a TV partnership with an L.A. production company. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - April 14, 2014

(1) Ultimate Warrior died of a fatal heart attack caused by heart disease, according to the medical examiner who performed an autopsy following Warrior’s death last Tuesday. (Read the Report)

(2) Monday’s Raw included tributes to Warrior and the latest post-WrestleMania developments heading into Extreme Rules. (Read the Raw News)

(3) John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in a steel cage match is the first match announced for the Extreme Rules PPV. (Read the Report)

(4) DirecTV will not carry WWE PPVs going forward as part of the ongoing dispute over WWE Network. (Read the Report)

(5) Jeff Jarrett, of the new Global Force Wrestling promotion, is accused of assaulting the son of IWA Mid-South promoter Ian Rotten at an IWA-MS event Sunday in Indiana. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - April 12 & 13, 2014 Weekend

(1) WWE announced that Monday’s Raw will tribute Ultimate Warrior. (Raw TV Preview)

(2) New WWE World Hvt. champion Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella wedded in Arizona. (Read the Report)

(3) WWE’s post-WrestleMania house shows featured John Cena teaming with The Shield against Kane and the Wyatts. (Read the Reports)

(4) TNA announced a contract extension with James Storm. (Read the Report)

(5) Independent wrestler Drake Younger said good-bye to CZW at the “Best of the Best” show Saturday night. (Read the Report)


(1) Top 5 Stories - April 11, 2014

(1) WWE is planning a tribute show to Ultimate Warrior this Monday on Raw, followed by a full-length Warrior special Wednesday on WWE Network. (Read the Report)

(2) TNA Impact increased above a 1.0 rating for the first time in two months. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(3) Former NFL star Shawn Merriman is reportedly close to finalizing an announcer and wrestler deal with WWE. (Read the Report)

(4) WWE’s stock price fell below the $20 benchmark on Friday to conclude a tough financial week for WWE. (Read the Report)

(5) TNA taped the final Impact episodes leading into the Sacrifice PPV. (SPOILERS Here)


Top 5 Stories - April 10, 2014

(1) Sting has reportedly signed a contract with WWE. (Read the Report)

(2) TNA booked an impromptu TNA Title change on the semi-live Impact episode taped Thursday night. (Read the Report)

(3) Sting, Bret Hart, and Diamond Dallas Page offered more thoughts on Ultimate Warrior following Warrior’s death. An autopsy was scheduled to be performed Thursday. (Read the Reports)

(4) Hulk Hogan has been added to WWE’s Smackdown TV taping in London next month. (Read the Report)

(5) TNA officially announced Impact TV tapings in New York City in June following Slammiversary. (Read the Report)

Livecast Alert: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was interviewed by PWTorch editor Wade Keller on Thursday’s Livecast. (Listen to the Free Version Here) (VIP Version Here)


Top 5 Stories - April 9, 2014

(1) Early indications are Ultimate Warrior died of a “massive heart attack” Tuesday evening in Arizona. (Latest Details)

(2) WWE wrestlers who were around Warrior over WrestleMania Weekend say that Warrior seemed “a bit frail” and possibly unhealthy. (Read Comments from Bret Hart)

(3) Quarter-hour TV ratings for Monday’s Raw show strong interest in Daniel Bryan and several other segments the night after WrestleMania. (Read the Report)

(4) New WWE Divas champion Paige was interviewed on BBC Radio about her TV debut and title victory on Raw. (Read the Report)

(5) Nine of the ten wrestlers have been announced for a #1 contender gauntlet on Thursday’s TNA Impact episode. (Read the Impact Preview)

Apr 9

Top 5 Stories - April 8, 2014

(1) Ultimate Warrior died at the age of 54, according to WWE. TMZ reports that Warrior collapsed outside of an Arizona hotel after returning home from WrestleMania Weekend in New Orleans. (Read the Initial Report) (Initial Circumstances of Death) (Wrestler Tweets)

(2) Monday’s WWE Raw shot up to a 3.7 rating, the highest of the three-hour Raw era since Raw 1,000 in July 2012. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(3) WWE’s stock price continued a sharp decline this week. (Read the Report)

(4) TNA announced that a new #1 contender to the TNA World Title will be determined Thursday on Impact. (Read the Report)

(5) Chris Jericho announced a new one-man show tour hitting London, England in June. (Read the Report)

Apr 8

Top 5 Stories - April 7, 2014

(1) Monday’s WWE Raw featured several big events and developments coming out of WM30, centered on Daniel Bryan solidified as new WWE World Hvt. champion. (Read the Report)

(2) The Undertaker suffered a “severe concussion” during his match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, according to WWE. (Read the Report)

(3) WWE announced an initial Network subscriber count two-thirds of the way to their initial goal of 1.0 million. Investors reacted unfavorably to the news, as WWE’s stock dropped 15 percent on Monday. (Read the Network Report) (Read the Stock Report)

(4) Jeff Jarrett announced initial details on his new promotion - Global Force Wrestling. (Read the Report)

(5) Injured WWE star Ezekiel Jackson was released from WWE after his contract expired. (Read the Report)

Apr 7

Top 5 Stories - April 6, 2014

(1) The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania ended against Brock Lesnar at WM30 in New Orleans. Also, Undertaker was reportedly taken away from the Superdome in an ambulance. (Read the Match Report) (Read the Injury Report)

(2) Daniel Bryan became WWE World Hvt. champion by submitting Batista in a main event that also featured incumbent champion Randy Orton. (Read the Match Report)

(3) Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson shared the ring together to open the WM30 PPV. (Read the Recap)

(4) Shane McMahon talked in-depth about the status of his relationship with Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and WWE, plus the possibility of returning to WWE. (Read the Report)

(5) A.J. Styles made his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut by taking out IWGP World Hvt. champion Okada and becoming the new leader of heel group Bullet Club. Styles will now challenge Okada for New Japan’s top title in May. (Read the NJPW PPV Report) (Read the May News Report)

Apr 6

Top 5 Stories - April 5, 2014

(1) Ultimate Warrior headlined the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame class and announced a new “multi-year” ambassador role with WWE. (Read the Report)

(2) The Undertaker made his first Hall of Fame appearance tributing Paul Bearer in-character. (Read the Report)

(3) Hulk Hogan said in a radio interview this week that he will continue working with WWE “well beyond” WrestleMania. (Read the Report)

(4) Ring of Honor taped the next set of ROH TV episodes following the “Supercard of Honor” event. (ROH TV SPOILERS)

(5) Dragon Gate USA wrapped up their WrestleMania Week shows with Johnny Gargano vs. Low Ki and a six-man tag tournament. (Read the Results)

Apr 5

Top 5 Stories - April 4, 2014

(1) All the latest WWE Interviews talking WM30 including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Batista, Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, and more. (Read the Reports)

(2) WWE unveiled the WrestleMania 30 stage inside the Superdome in New Orleans. (View the Video)

(3) TNA Impact scored below a 1.0 rating Thursday night for the seventh consecutive week. (Read the TV Ratings Report) (Quarter-Hours)

(4) Johnny Gargano’s two-and-a-half-year reign as DGUSA champion ended when Ricochet beat Gargano in the main event of Friday’s DGUSA show in New Orleans. (Read the Results)

(5) Adam Cole became Undisputed ROH World champion by defeating Jay Briscoe in a Ladder War match in the main event of “Supercard of Honor” Friday night in New Orleans. (Read the Results)