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Top 5 Stories - August 20, 2014

(1) TNA announced they will remain on Spike TV until the end of the year after signing a contract extension. Negotiations are “ongoing” for TV beyond 2014. (Read the Report)

(2) Monday’s Raw TV rating fell flat the night after Summerslam. (Read the TV Ratings Report) (Quarter-Hour Break Down)

(3) Hulk Hogan has signed on for a role in a WWE Studios movie project starring Ken Jeong and David Hasselhoff. (Read the Report)

(4) Wednesday’s first airing of TNA Impact ended without a #1 contender in a six-man steel cage main event. (Read the Results)

(5) WWE’s new house show line-ups for the fall are top-lined by John Cena vs. Kane. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - August 19, 2014

(1) WWE announced a WWE World Title re-match of Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena for the Night of Champions PPV in September. (Read the Report)

(2) After being held off Raw TV, John Cena appeared in front of the live crowd in Phoenix at Tuesday night’s Smackdown TV taping. (Read the Report) (Non-Spoiler SD Match Listing)

(3) TNA announced a set of four Impact TV tapings next month in Bethlehem, Pa. (Read the Report)

(4) Ring of Honor announced an ROH Title match of Michael Elgin vs. Jay Briscoe for next month’s “All-Star Extravaganza” Internet PPV. (Read the Report)

(5) Despite following the Summerslam PPV, Monday’s Raw was flat in Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings compared to last week. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - August 18, 2014

(1) Monday on Raw: WWE introduced a new WWE World Hvt. Title belt to kick off Brock Lesnar’s title reign, Dean Ambrose was temporarily written off TV, and John Cena is advertised for a post-Summerslam speech next week on Raw. (Read the Results) (Ambrose “goes missing” after Raw)

(2) Alberto Del Rio spoke out about his WWE firing on TV in Mexico, including whether he plans to pursue legal action. (Read the Report)

(3) UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey appeared in an “Ice Bucket Challenge” for Stephanie McMahon. (Read the Report)

(4) Last Thursday’s TNA Impact sunk to a two-month TV ratings low for the final episode on Thursday nights. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(5) Ring of Honor announced official details on this year’s “Final Battle” event in New York City. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - August 17, 2014

(1) Brock Lesnar captured the WWE World Hvt. Title from John Cena in the Summerslam PPV main event. (Read the Results)

(2) WWE announced that Summerslam is moving from Los Angeles to New York/New Jersey next year. (Read the Report)

(3) Alberto Del Rio made his first post-WWE appearance at AAA’s “TripleMania” show in Mexico City head-to-head with Summerslam. The PPV then ended with a teaser for current WWE star Rey Mysterio coming to AAA. (Read the Report)

(4) TNA top star Bully Ray reportedly told the TNA locker room on Sunday that he is finishing up with TNA and he does not expect to return. (Read the Report)

(5) Ring of Honor said farewell to new WWE signing Kevin Steen on this weekend’s syndicated TV show. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - August 16, 2014

(1) WWE announced a Summerslam pre-show match to round out the line-up for Sunday’s PPV from Los Angeles. (Read the Card)

(2) Hulk Hogan told the audience at a WWE house show Saturday in San Jose, Calif. that he has one more match in him to continue teasing wrestling again. (Read the Results)

(3) Sting talked about the prospect of his first-ever WWE match at the “WWE 2K15” video game roster reveal. (Read the Report & Watch Video)

(4) Daniel Bryan said doctors are still not sure whether he needs a second surgery to repair nerve damage, continuing to put his in-ring return on hold. (Read the Report)

(5a) Bryan called the storyline development of his character having an “affair” with his physical therapist “stupid.” (Read the Report)

(5b) TNA tag champion Davey Richards said he broke his leg at a TNA house show, which will put him out of action “for a bit.” (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - August 15, 2014

(1) Hulk Hogan talked to Yahoo Sports about potentially returning to the ring, a beef with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Sting possibly wrestling in a WWE ring. (Read Hogan Story) (Read Sting Story)

(2) WWE unveiled a new company logo for the first time in about 15 years. (Read the Report)

(3) Current TNA star Kurt Angle revealed that he will make a decision on wrestling future by the beginning of September. (Read the Report)

(4) Daniel Bryan says he and his doctors are unsure when he will be able to return to the ring. (Read the Report)

(5) Michael Elgin retained the ROH World Title in the main event of Ring of Honor’s “Field of Honor” show in Brooklyn, New York. (Read the Results)


Top 5 Stories - August 13/14, 2014

(1) TNA Impact is moving to Wednesday nights starting next Wednesday with the "Hardcore Justice" Impact special. (Read the Report)

(2) WWE star Dean Ambrose will star in a new WWE Studios movie titled “Lockdown.” (Read the Report)

(3) Suspended UFC star Chael Sonnen says WWE is interested in him only if TNA is interested. (Read the Report)

(4) ROH wrestler Ray Rowe was involved in a “serious motorcycle accident,” according to Ring of Honor. (Read the Report)

(5) The first betting odds were released for Summerslam, pointing to potential match results for WWE’s Sunday PPV. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - August 12, 2014

(1) Monday’s WWE Raw TV rating rebounded from last week’s stripped-down show, but only matched Raw from two weeks ago. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(2) WWE announced the official signing of Kevin Steen to the NXT Developmental roster. (Read the Report)

(3) The U.S. version of WWE Network launched internationally and a separate version was launched in parts of Canada via Rogers Cable. (Read the Report) (What is Rogers’s reach?)

(4) AAA in Mexico announced former WWE star Alberto Del Rio for their big “TripleMania” show going head-to-head with Summerslam on Sunday. (Read the Report)

(5) Ring of Honor announced a big Tag Title match for their next Internet PPV in September. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - August 11, 2014

(1) WWE loaded up Monday’s final Raw before Summerslam with final Cena-Lesnar hype, a Hulk Hogan birthday celebration, a “Claire Lynch” storyline centered on Daniel Bryan, and more. (Read the Results) (Final SSlam Line-up)

(2) Chris Jericho explained in a new interview why he returned to WWE. (Read the Report)

(3) 2K Sports announced a new video game mode for “WWE 2K15” that will include C.M. Punk. (Read the Report)

(4) TNA cancelled two house shows at the end of September due to a claimed “unforeseen scheduling conflict.” (Read the Report)

(5) Thursday’s TNA Impact TV ratings & quarter-hours.


Top Stories - August 9/10, 2014 Weekend

(1) New Japan’s G1 Climax tournament concluded with Okada vs. Nakamura in the main event, plus big developments involving A.J. Styles, Jeff Jarrett, and Bullet Club. (Read the PPV Results)

(2) WWE toured Australia, Canada, and Washington State this weekend with former Shield members headlining. (Read the Results)

(3) DGUSA’s EVOLVE brand toured Florida with former WWE stars Drew Galloway (Drew McIntyre) and Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) in top matches. (Read the iPPV Results)

Aug 9

Top 5 Stories - August 8, 2014

(1) WWE continued to call out Alberto Del Rio one day after announcing his release from the company. (Read the Report)

(2) New Japan’s G1 Climax “regular season” concluded with Nakamura and Okada making the finals on Sunday. (Read the Results)

(3) Drew Galloway (Drew McIntyre) captured the EVOLVE Title from Chris Hero at the EVOLVE 31 event. (Read the Results)

(4) TNA issued an “injury update” on Dixie Carter post-table bump on Impact. (Read the Report)

(5) WWE’s Australian Tour continued in Sydney with Kane vs. Roman Reigns and Ric Flair in the main event. (Read the Results)

Aug 8

Top 5 Stories - August 7, 2014

(1) Alberto Del Rio was released by WWE due to “unprofessional conduct,” according to WWE. (Read the Report)

(2) TNA Impact was centered on Bully Ray putting TNA president/authority figure Dixie Carter through a table. (Read the Report)

(3) TNA wrapped up its final scheduled Impact TV tapings Thursday night in New York City. (Read SPOILER Results)

(4) Part-time WWE star Batista said he is open to returning to WWE, even though he felt like “storylines just did not make sense” during his 2014 run. (Read the Report)

(5) WWE kicked off the Australian Tour with Ric Flair and Chris Jericho headlining in Melbourne. (Read Reports)

Aug 7

Top 5 Stories - August 6, 2014

(1) Hulk Hogan teased potentially wrestling again in a new interview. (Read the Report)

(2) WWE reportedly cut long-time ring announcer Mark Yeaton. (Read the Report)

(3) TNA taped another set of Impact episodes from New York City to air in September. (Read the SPOILERS)

(4) New Japan’s G1 Climax tournament continued Wednesday with A.J. Styles remaining atop the leaderboard. (Read the Report)

(5) Ring of Honor announced their return to Internet PPV for “All-Star Extravaganza” in September. (Read the Report)

Aug 6

Top 5 Stories - August 5, 2014

(1) Monday’s WWE Raw TV rating sunk to a 2.86 rating two weeks removed from Battleground and two weeks before Summerslam. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(2) TNA taped “Hardcore Justice” Impact and a follow-up episode Tuesday night in New York City. (Read the SPOILERS)

(3) Vince Russo issued a statement on his now-ended working relationship with TNA that cast blame on Dixie Carter and John Gaburick. (Read the Report)

(4) WWE released a video clip of Vince McMahon talking on-camera about The Undertaker vs. Triple H build at WM27. (Read & Watch)

(5) Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling promotion announced a new international partnership. (Read the Report)

Aug 5

Top 5 Stories - August 4, 2014

(1) WWE announced several more singles matches for the Summerslam PPV next Sunday, including IC Title and Divas Title matches. (Read the Report)

(2) WWE announced a birthday bash for Hulk Hogan on next week’s Raw leading into Summerslam. (Read the Report)

(3) WWE announced Sting for a Summerslam Panel appearance next weekend in Los Angeles. (Read the Report)

(4) The Hardys vs. The Wolves tag match on last week’s “Destination X” Impact was the highest-rated segment of the show. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(5) New Japan’s G1 Climax tournament continued Monday as four wrestlers separated themselves from the pack, including A.J. Styles. (Read the Report)