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Top 5 Stories - July 28, 2014

(1) Two new matches announced for Summerslam during Raw.

(2) TNA and Spike TV comment on Impact TV contract situation.

(3) WWE announced the signing of Prince Devitt.

(4) Smackdown TV rating climbed above 2.0 for second time since WM30.

(5) Last Thursday’s TNA Impact quarter-hour TV ratings.


Top 5 Stories - July 26/27, 2014 Weekend

(1) Spike TV made the decision not to renew TNA Impact in the fall season, ending TNA’s run in October. (Read the Report)

(2) Ric Flair and Bret Hart made surprise appearances at weekend house shows in OK/Tex. and Canada, respectively. (Read the Reports)

(3) A law firm announced a class action lawsuit against WWE alleging misleading statements by WWE management on their U.S. TV contract renewal. (Read the Report)

(4) Ricky Steamboat clarified his WWE status in a newspaper interview. (Read the Report)

(5) The Rock’s new “Hercules” movie opened at #2 in weekend box office receipts. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - July 24 & 25, 2014

(1) Daniel Bryan said he will require a second surgery to repair nerve damage. Bryan made the announcement during a press conference addressing his role in stopping a burglary at his house on Thursday. (Read the Report)

(2) Sting teased a potential in-ring debut for WWE in his first interview on WWE’s website. (Watch Sting’s Interview) (Sting at Comic-Con)

(3) TNA set up a TNA Title match and TNA Tag Title match for next week’s “Destination X” Impact special. (Read the Report)

(4) The Rock’s new “Hercules” movie opened in theaters Friday, but was not expected to win the weekend. (Read the Report)

(5) Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling announced a new international partnership in Europe. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - July 23, 2014

(1) Former WWE announcer Jim Ross announced the official end of his 21-year business relationship with WWE. (Read the Report)

(2) TNA announced new contracts with three stars, including recent X Division champion Sanada. (Read the Report)

(3) WWE has reportedly signed international star Prince Devitt, who left New Japan earlier this year. (Read the Report)

(4) Daniel Bryan is scheduled to resurface Thursday at Comic-Con with Hulk Hogan and Paul Heyman. (Read the Preview)

(5) The Hardys and Team 3D reunite Thursday night on TNA Impact. (Read the Full Preview)


Top 5 Stories - July 22, 2014

(1) Monday’s WWE Raw surged to a 3.15 rating - the highest rating in three months and the first time Raw has surpassed a 3.0 since Daniel Bryan went down with an injury. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(2) WWE followed up on the Battleground PPV with matches at Tuesday’s Smackdown TV taping. (Read the Non-Spoiler Top Matches) (SPOILER Results)

(3) A.J. Styles will challenge for the ROH World Title at Ring of Honor’s big “Field of Honor” show in New York next month. (Read the Report)

(4) TNA tag champions The Wolves are returning to Wrestle-1 in Japan to defend the TNA Tag Titles. (Read the Report)

(5) Dragon Gate USA released updates on upcoming EVOLVE shows in Florida and New York. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - July 21, 2014

(1) WWE officially set up John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Title as the Summerslam PPV main event. (Read the Report)

(2) C.M. Punk said he’s not wrestling again and proceeded to distance himself from pro wrestling in an awards show interview. (Read the Report & Watch the Video)

(3) WWE issued a statement responding to Lana’s heel promo at the Battleground PPV as it relates to the tragic Malaysian Airlines plane crash. (Read the Report)

(4) WWE announced “Summerslam Panels” featuring Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, DX, and current stars over Summerslam Weekend in Los Angeles. (Read the Report)

(5) TNA announced a British Bootcamp TV event for U.K. viewers. (Read the Report) (Quarter-hour TV Ratings for last Thursday’s Impact)


Top 5 Stories - July 19 & 20, 2014 Weekend

(1) John Cena retained the WWE World Title in the main event of the Battleground PPV. (Read the Results)

(2) The Miz captured the vacant Intercontinental Title at Battleground. (Read the Results)

(3) “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson talked more about potentially returning to the ring, needing the right opponent, and other WWE-related topics. (Read the Report)

(4) Kevin Steen had his Ring of Honor farewell match against Steve Corino at Saturday’s ROH TV taping in Michigan. (Read the Results)

(5) Matt Hardy retained the Maryland Championship Wrestling Title over Luke Hawx on Saturday. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - July 18, 2014

(1) Roman Reigns headlined Friday night’s WWE Supershow in his home market leading into the Battleground PPV. (Read the Results)

(2) TNA Impact reached 1.4 million viewers for the first time in five months on Thursday. (Read the Report)

(3) TNA is bringing back the “Hardcore Justice” themed Impact at next month’s TV tapings in New York City. (Read the Report)

(4) Mark Henry says he objected to WWE giving his character the “Silverback” moniker in 2007. (Read the Report)

(5) Recent IWGP Jr. Hvt. champion Kota Ibushi was pulled from New Japan’s G1 Climax tournament due to injury. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - July 17, 2014

(1) Sting revealed his contractual status with WWE, teased a WrestleMania match against Undertaker, and Vince McMahon weighed in on Sting’s WWE involvement. (Read the Report)

(2) TNA made their New York City TV debut with Bobby Lashley vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Title in the Impact main event. (Read the Results)

(3) WWE’s stock price rose to a two-month high on indirect “merger” speculation based on activity in the entertainment industry. (Read the Report)

(4) Former WWE announcer Jim Ross discussed his latest non-WWE broadcasting opportunities. (Read the Report)

(5) Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) suggested she is retired from wrestling and will be making one of her final appearances this weekend for Maryland Championship Wrestling. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - July 16, 2014

(1) Triple H teased the possibility of Sting appearing in a WWE ring for the first time in his career. (Read the Report)

(2) WWE announced details on a WM30 special airing on NBC next month. Daniel Bryan, who won the WWE World Title in the WrestleMania main event, will be snubbed from the one-hour broadcast. (Read the Report)

(3) TNA World Hvt. champion Bobby Lashley is scheduled to make his Bellator MMA debut in September. (Read the Report)

(4) WWE announced their return to Mexico for two shows in October. (Read the Report)

(5) ROH announced a TV Title match for Philadelphia in August and DGUSA announced full line-ups for their first two shows in Florida in August. (Read the ROH Report) (EVOLVE Report)


Top 5 Stories - July 15, 2014

(1) C.M. Punk was removed from WWE’s active roster on Tuesday. Punk also vaguely commented on the end of his run. (Read the Report)

(2) The Rock teased a potential in-ring return on ESPN programming hyping his “Hercules” movie. (Read the Report)

(3) Raw TV viewership was down from last week agains the annual Home Run Derby on ESPN. (Read the TV Ratings Report) (Raw vs. The Derby)

(4) WWE removed two wrestlers from the IC Title battle royal at the Battleground PPV. (Read the Report)

(5) DGUSA announced details on the big reboot for the EVOLVE brand. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - July 14, 2014

(1) Sting debuted on WWE TV in a video package announcing his character’s inclusion in the “WWE 2K15” video game. (Read the Report)

(2) WWE teased retiring the WWE World Hvt. Title when John Cena handed the title to Ric Flair, who returned to TV for an interview segment. (Read the Report)

(3) WWE announced more matches for the Battleground PPV and participants in the IC Title battle royal. (Read the Report)

(4) Injured WWE star Daniel Bryan and Hulk Hogan were announced for the annual Comic Con in San Diego next week. (Read the Report)

(5) Quarter-hour TV ratings for last week’s TNA Impact indicate that Q8 scored the highest rating of the show for the first time in two months. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - July 12/13, 2014 Weekend

(1) WWE returned to Madison Square Garden for a house show on Saturday. Included was a main event of John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt with Triple H and Ric Flair involved. (Read the Results)

(2) WWE announced the signing of Japanese star KENTA at Saturday’s house show in Osaka, Japan. Hulk Hogan made the signing official. (Read the Report)

(3) Matt Hardy challenged Michael Elgin for the ROH World Title at Saturday’s Ring of Honor show in Minnesota. It was expected to be Hardy’s final ROH date. (Read the Report)

(4) The latest WWE Battleground PPV line-up heading into the final week of TV.

(5) WWE Raw TV preview for what is shaping up to be a big Raw episode.


Top 5 Stories - July 11, 2014

(1) WWE announced more matches for the Battleground PPV.

(2) Hulk Hogan returned to Japan on Night 2 of WWE’s tour.

(3) TNA Impact drew the same rating just above a 1.0 as last week.

(4) TNA and Challenge TV announced the return of “British Bootcamp” in the U.K. market.

(5) WWE announced their involvement in this year’s Comic-Con.


Top 5 Stories - July 10, 2014

(1) Thursday’s TNA Impact episode included the return of Jeff Hardy, a new X Division champion, and a TNA Title match set for next week. (Read the Results)

(2) TNA star Kurt Angle revealed the end of his TNA contract date and discussed a potential WWE return in an interview with Jim Ross. (Read the Report)

(3) Angle revealed details on Sting’s decision to turn down his annual contract renewal with TNA, paving the way for WWE. (Read the Report)

(4) WWE’s return to Japan kicked off with WWE champion John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in the main event. (Read the Results)

(5) El Rey Network officially announced the AAA Lucha Libre show starting in October. (Read the Details)