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Top 5 Stories - October 21, 2014

(1) WWE has established a policy on domestic violence, per executive Stephanie McMahon to Yahoo Sports. (Read the Report) (More from Stephanie’s Interview)

(2) Raw TV ratings for Monday’s show leading into Hell in a Cell.

(3) WWE stock dropped on Tuesday following a poor business report on CNBC.

(4) Total Divas TV viewership continued to slide on Sunday.

(5) John Cena is branching out into producing TV.


Top 5 Stories - October 20, 2014

(1) Wrestling legend Ox Baker died at the age of 80.

(2) WWE rounded out the Hell in a Cell PPV line-up on the final Raw before the PPV.

(3) Paul Heyman returned to WWE TV to set up Brock Lesnar’s next WWE World Title defense.

(4) Two Divas have been added to the cast of “Total Divas.”

(5) WWE Smackdown TV ratings for Friday’s show.


Top 5 Stories - October 15, 2014

(1) WWE Raw TV ratings - mixed bag results and concerning trends.

(2) TNA Impact results - Bobby Roode #1 contender to the TNA Title, Brodus Clay debuts.

(3) WWE announced the Hell in a Cell structure for Monday’s Raw.

(4) ROH announced their return to live PPV for “Final Battle” in December.

(5) WWE executive Stephanie McMahon was granted an Eisenhower Fellowship.


Top 5 Stories - October 14, 2014

(1) WWE announced two more matches for the Hell in a Cell PPV next Sunday. (Read the Updated Line-up)

(2) WWE released long-time ring announcer Justin Roberts after Raw. (Read the Report)

(3) Daniel Bryan is expected to miss even more time due to his shoulder not recovering. (Read the Report)

(4) The full list of backstage guests at Monday’s Raw.

(5) New Japan announced the top matches for their next big event in November, including A.J. Styles vs. Yoshi Tatsu and a main event of Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Shibata. (Read the Report)


Top 5 Stories - October 13, 2014

(1) WWE changed up the Hell in a Cell PPV line-up on Monday’s Raw. (Read the New Line-up)

(2) WWE announced they will begin including advertising on the paid WWE Network. (Read the Report) (Who Are The Advertisers?)

(3) Jake Roberts was backstage at Raw and talked to WWE cameras about his current health. (Watch the Video)

(4) A.J. Styles dropped the IWGP World Title to Tanahashi at New Japan’s PPV event on Monday. (Read the Results)

(5) Smackdown TV ratings for the “15th Anniversary” show on Friday.


Top 5 Stories - October 11/12, 2014 Weekend

(1) TNA presented a taped Bound for Glory PPV from Tokyo, Japan on Sunday with two title match results. (Read the Report)

(2) Ric Flair is rumored to appear on Monday’s Raw from Atlanta. (Read the Preview)

(3) Bret Hart and Earl Hebner reconciled at an independent show 17 years removed from the Montreal Screwjob. (Watch the Video)

(4) WWE toured Malaysia with John Cena and toured domestically with Dean Ambrose this weekend. (Read the Results)

(5) Former ROH World champion Michael Elgin did not appear at Ring of Honor’s “Champions vs. All-Stars” show after “quitting” ROH after the promotion advertised him for the event. (Read the Results)


Top 5 Stories - October 10, 2014

(1) WWE officially announced a change to the top advertised Hell in a Cell match on Friday’s Smackdown anniversary show. (Read the Report)

(2) WWE announced that Columbus, Georgia will host the annual “Tribute to the Troops” taping in December. (Read the Report)

(3) TNA president Dixie Carter said the company will continue on with their Bound for Glory PPV from Tokyo, Japan despite a major weather system in the area this weekend. (Read the Report)

(4) Billy Corgan’s reality wrestling show appears to be on the outs after AMC decided to scrap its “unscripted” TV division. (Read the Report)

(5) WWE is releasing a special on “Superstar” Billy Graham on WWE Network.


Top 5 Stories - October 9, 2014

(1) The Rock unconvincingly told TMZ that he will not be wrestling at WrestleMania 31. (Read the Report)

(2) Rock’s surprise appearance saved Raw from an historically low TV rating, according to quarter-hour ratings. (Read the Report)

(3) Wednesday’s TNA Impact was even with last week’s TV rating. (Read the Report)

(4) Rumors surfaced of TNA making a pitch to C.M. Punk.

(5) WWE celebrates 15 years of Smackdown on Friday’s show.

Oct 9

Top 5 Stories - October 8, 2014

(1) Triple H teased a future encounter with The Rock in his weekly sit-down interview on WWE’s website. (Read & Watch)

(2) Hunter also addressed the difference in quality between Raw and NXT in a recent media interview.

(3) TNA Impact featured the conclusion of the TNA Tag Title Series involving The Wolves, Hardys, and Team 3D. (Read the Report) (BFG PPV Line-up for Sunday)

(4) Alberto Del Rio is heading to Japan for the Wrestle-1 promotion.

(5) "Stone Cold" Steve Austin’s "Redneck Island" was renewed for a fourth season.

Oct 8

Top 5 Stories - October 7, 2014

(1) Monday’s WWE Raw TV rating dropped to the lowest rating since December 2012. (Read the TV Ratings Report)

(2) WWE taped a 15-year anniversary of Smackdown episode to air on Friday. (SPOILER Results) (Non-Spoiler Matches/Segments)

(3) WWE made a change to the top match at the Hell in a Cell PPV.

(4) Jim Ross addressed rumors of Steve Austin wrestling again.

(5) Chris Jericho brags about wrestling and music careers.

Oct 7

Top 5 Stories - October 6, 2014

(1) The Rock made a surprise appearance Monday night on Raw against Halftime of the NFL’s Monday Night Football game. (Read the Report)

(2) WWE announced the main event(s) of Hell in a Cell; WWE World champion Brock Lesnar is not advertised. (Read the Report)

(3) Former ROH World champion “quit” Ring of Honor on Twitter after they advertised him for this weekend’s show in Michigan. (Read the Report)

(4) Friday’s WWE Smackdown TV rating shot up above a 2.0 rating for the first time in one month, ending a September Swoon. (Read the Report)

(5) Bruno Sammartino celebrated his 79th birthday, which was recognized on ESPN television and on Raw. (Read the Report)

Oct 2

Top 5 Stories - October 1, 2014

(1) British wrestling legend Ricki Starr died at the age of 83; WWE issued a statement of acknowledgement. (Read the Report)

(2) On TNA Impact, Havok captured the Knockouts Title from Gail Kim. (Read the Results)

(3) Ricardo Rodriguez spoke out on his WWE release.

(4) Update on next week’s 15-year anniversary of Smackdown episode.

(5) Former ROH World champion Michael Elgin says he is still detained in Canada, but he implied that he will return to the U.S. within the next two weeks to make an AAW show in Illinois. (Read the Report)

Oct 1

Top 5 Stories - September 30, 2014

(1) Raw TV ratings for Monday’s show. Raw’s Twitter TV rating hits year-low.

(2) WWE issues apology on Russian flag angle on Raw.

(3) WWE is heavily pursuing lapsed Network subscribers at quarter-end.

(4) Jim Ross wants to call New Japan’s Tokyo Dome Show on January 4.

(5) Deceased NFL player’s murder/suicide with CTE present linked to Chris Benoit tragedy.


Top 5 Stories - September 29, 2014

(1) Raw TV news & notes on Hulk Hogan returning to Raw, Paul Heyman, IC Title match result, more.

(2) Stephanie McMahon addressed C.M. Punk’s exit from WWE in an interview on Chicago TV prior to Raw. (Watch & Read)

(3) Friday’s WWE Smackdown continued a September free-fall, registering the lowest TV rating since the Fourth of July. (Read the Report)

(4) TNA announced several new matches for their Bound for Glory PPV. (Read the Line-up)

(5) WWE launched their annual breast cancer awareness initiative on Monday.


Top 5 Stories - September 27 & 28, 2014 Weekend

(1) WWE heads to Chicago for Raw as WWE looks to rebound from a year-low TV rating last week. (Read the Preview)

(2) Kurt Angle revealed more details on his plans for 2015 after signing a new contract. (Read the Report)

(3) Beyond Wrestling’s show Sunday in Rhode Island was cancelled after the venue was the site of a reported shooting the night before, causing the venue’s license to be suspended. (Read the Report)

(4) WWE’s weekend house show results.

(5) SPOILERS from Ring of Honor’s weekend TV taping.